Connecting you hearing instruments to your iPhone

How to connect your iPhone compatible instrument to your iPhone Open and Close battery doors on your hearing aids Go to Settings on your phone General Accessibility MFi Hearing Devices Phone will search and find your instruments Tap on your instruments Hit pair If asked for a code enter 0000 … Read More

Hearing Loss and Arthritis

Hearing Loss and Arthritis Written by Kimberly Ledda, Au.D. Arthritis is the leading cause of adult disability affecting approximately 54 million people (Arthritis Foundation, 2018). While there are almost 100 types of clinically diagnosed arthritis and related disorders, it affects people across all demographics and results in experiencing fluctuating levels … Read More

Hearing Loss, Cancer Treatments and Ototoxicity

Hearing Loss and Cancer Treatments and Ototoxicity Certain medications can cause damage to the ear which could result in hearing loss, balance disorders or ringing in the ear. These medications are considered ototoxic (Cone, Dorn, Konrad-Martin, Lister, Ortiz and Schairer, 2016). There are now more than 200 known ototoxic drugs. … Read More

Bone-Anchored Devices for Conductive and Mixed Losses

A bone anchored implant combines the concepts of osseointegration and bone conduction hearing Osseointegration is a structural and functional connection between living bone and the surface of an implant. This involves the anchoring of a surgical implant (as in a bone-anchored implant) by the growth of bone around it. A … Read More

Single-Sided Deafness

Single-sided deafness (SSD) is defined as a condition when one has non-functional hearing in one ear that does not receive benefit from traditional amplification and normal or near normal hearing in the other ear. While the precise incidence of SSD is unknown, the prevalence is estimated at 3-6% of the … Read More

Cochlear Implants

This next blog was written by our Cochlear Implant audiologist, James Griffitts, Au.D. and 4th Year Doctoral student, Meghan Williams. Have you ever been in a situation where it is quiet, you are wearing your hearing aids, and you just cannot understand what your wife, child, or significant other is … Read More